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Word For Word

Word for Word hails from southern New Hampshire(Manchester,Derry,Concord, and Nashua). W4W is a straight up hardcore band. We have fast parts. We have mosh parts... Review from the Reverend( from the reverend word_for_word : though I do dig pizza and all, I back the statement that this band is one of the best bands to come out of this area and I say that knowing that they are still solidifying themselves as a band. each time I see them is better than the last and they are on stage for a longer period of time. I see them becoming big like outbreak in no time. Soon they will be moving out of their first band status, especially as their set list grows. Their set started out the show with a bang. moshing almost immediately began. Johnnie Limits, the singer, rolled over the PA with in the first song or so, but people pussied out on catching him. All that movement raised the temperature to an uncomfortable level already. This is going to be a rough night. especially since I saw a certain member of this board punching someone as that people was trying to help them up off the floor.

Location: United States

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